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Adobe CS6 Essential Training COMPLETE Collection (Reuploaded)

Adobe CS6 Essential Training COMPLETE Collection (Reuploaded)

Все Основные Тренинги Adobe CS6: After Effects CS6, Audition CS6, Dreamweaver CS6, Fireworks CS6, Flash Professional CS6, Illustrator CS6, InDesign CS6, Photoshop CS6, Premiere Pro CS6

Audition CS6 Essential Training with Garrick Chow
duration: 4h 40m

Audition CS6 Essential Training demonstrates all of the major features of Adobe Audition and prepares sound editors to start enhancing and correcting audio?whether it's music, dialogue, or other sound effects. Author and musician Garrick Chow begins by covering how to import, record, and manage media files, from extracting audio and importing video, to creating a new multitrack session from scratch. The course then dives deep into editing, repairing, and cleaning up audio files, using the Waveform and Multitrack Editors, and the Spectral Frequency Display. It also covers how to use built-in effects, how to mix both stereo and surround audio tracks, and how to work with video projects from Premiere Pro.

Dreamweaver CS6 Essential Training with James Williamson
duration: 9h 24m

Discover how to build web sites, prototypes, and more in this course on Adobe Dreamweaver CS6. Author James Williamson shows designers how to take control of their site by properly naming and structuring files and folders; how to create new documents and web pages from scratch or with starter pages; and how to add content such as text, images, tables, and links. James also provides a background on the languages that power projects built in Dreamweaver?HTML and CSS?and introduces the programming features in the application, for developers who want to dig right into the code. The last chapter shows how to finesse your project with interactive content such as CSS3 transitions and Spry widgets.

Fireworks CS6 Essential Training with Ray Villalobos
duration: 5h 22m

Join Ray Villalobos in this course, Fireworks CS6 Essential Training, as he shows how to create custom web graphics and web site mockups with Adobe Fireworks CS6. The initial chapters explain the basics: how to get around in the interface and create and organize documents. The course proceeds to cover all the essential drawing features in Fireworks, from drawing simple lines and shapes to applying fills, strokes, and opacity values to objects. The course also covers how to move, scale, and otherwise transform text and images as well as create symbols, use sprites, and integrate CSS and jQuery Mobile.

Flash Professional CS6 Essential Training with Anastasia McCune
duration: 8h 2m

This course provides a solid foundation in Adobe Flash Professional CS6 and shows how to create an assortment of Flash content. Author Anastasia McCune explains the different destinations for Flash projects?mobile devices, the desktop, or the web?and where ActionScript fits into it all. She shows how to create a new project, structure document layers and arrange objects on the Timeline, and how to get started drawing basic shapes and incorporate text, images, audio, and video. The course also explains the different types of symbols and tweens in Flash, and how to use them to build and animate content. The final chapters outline the publishing options available for Flash projects, including Adobe AIR.

Illustrator CS6 Essential Training with Justin Seeley
duration: 10h 34m

Adobe Illustrator can be used to accomplish many different design tasks, from illustration to app development. This course demonstrates core concepts and techniques that can be applied to any workflow?for print, the web, or building assets that will find their way into other applications. Author Justin Seeley explains the elements that make up vector graphics (paths, strokes, and fills) while showing how to use each of the drawing tools, and demonstrates how to combine and clean up paths and organize them into groups and layers. The course also covers text editing, working with color, effects, and much more.

InDesign CS6 Essential Training with David Blatner
duration: 8h 25m

InDesign is an essential tool for design firms, ad agencies, magazines, newspapers, book publishers, and freelance designers around the world. This course presents the core features and techniques that make this powerful page layout application fun and easy to use. Author David Blatner shows how to navigate and customize the workspace, manage documents and pages, work with text frames and graphics, export and print finished documents, explore creating interactive documents, and much more. He also covers popular topics such as EPUBs and long documents and includes advice on working with overset text, unnamed colors, and other troublesome issues that may arise for first-time designers.

Photoshop CS6 Essential Training with Julieanne Kost
duration: 10h 34m

In Photoshop CS6 Essential Training, Julieanne Kost demonstrates how to produce high-quality images in a short amount of time, using a combination of Adobe Photoshop CS6, Bridge, and Camera Raw. The course details the Photoshop features and creative options, and shows efficient ways to perform common editing tasks, including noise reduction, shadow and highlight detail recovery, retouching, and combining multiple images. Along the way, the course explores techniques for nondestructive editing and compositing using layers, blending modes, layer masks, and much more.

Premiere Pro CS6 Essential Training with Abba Shapiro
duration: 6h 59m

This course introduces Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, using a project-based approach that introduces video editors to all the skills necessary to cut their own program. Using a short commercial project as an example, author Abba Shapiro walks viewers through a complete and logical workflow that begins with importing media, creating a basic rough edit, and then refining the cut with music and sound effects, transitions, visual effects, and titles. The course also includes troubleshooting advice, such as reconnecting offline media and using the History panel to undo multiple actions.

Год: 2012
Язык: английский
9 курсов
Размер: 17.26 GB

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Скачать Audition CS6 Essential Training

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Скачать Fireworks CS6 Essential Training

Скачать Flash Professional CS6 Essential Training

Скачать Illustrator CS6 Essential Training

Скачать InDesign CS6 Essential Training

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