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Zero G Degrees Of Abstract MULTIFORMAT DVDR (Repost)

Zero G Degrees Of Abstract MULTIFORMAT DVDR (Repost)
Zero G Degrees Of Abstract MULTIFORMAT DVDR (Repost) | 2.98 GB

Welcome to Degrees of Abstract – 2Gb of sounds that take you on a panoramic journey into a fantastic world of sound never taken before. Get ready to enter a whole new soundscape of weirdness, innovation and mind-opening inspiration. Some elements you discover on the way may sound familiar; this is because we have taken inspiration from many genres and styles and tried to give them an experimental twist. If you like the music released by labels such as Warp Recordings, Planet Mu and Ninja Tune etc, we think you are going to love this sample library.

We have aimed to keep the content experimental and cutting-edge and perhaps a little weird, but at the same time fully usable and adaptive to all styles of music. If you are a producer for auditory or visual media you will find plenty of material ideal for radio, television and film scores.

We think you will find the content very varied indeed - manic beats, chilled out pads, disturbing SFX, serene vocals, futuristic synths, gentle guitars and a whole lot more!

This library is your first-class ticket to great sounds - which doesn't by any means promise a comfortable, safe or banal journey; but what you can expect is an exhilarating and erratic tour of the world of abstract!

This fantastic library comes in multiple formats that should suit every music producer. Formats supported include:

Acid WAV
Stylus RMX
Reason Refill

* 530 REX2 files
* 1350 Acidized WAV files
* 1250 EXS24 Instruments
* 1250 HALion Instruments
* 1250 Kontakt Instruments
* 2Gb of sounds
* 40 x Full Construction Kits
* 215 x Breakbeats / Drum Loops
* 165 x FX Presets and Fx loops
* 170 x Percussion & Drum Kit Sounds
* 128 x Synths loops and Pads
* 80 x Bass Loops
* 25 x Guitar Loops Presets
* 35 x Vocal loops...and much, much more!

Zero G Degrees Of Abstract MULTIFORMAT DVDR (Repost)

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