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ArtCAM 2010

ArtCAM 2010

ArtCAM 2010

ArtCAM Pro - a software package for spatial modeling / machining, which allows you to automatically generate a spatial model of a flat drawing and receive them products on CNC machines. ArtCAM Pro offers a powerful, easy to use set of modeling tools, which gives the designer freedom to create complex spatial reliefs.
Features and Benefits:
Creating 2D elements
Import of 2D vectors or bitmap images created in any graphics program, supported formats DXF, DWG, EPS, AI, BMP, TIF, JPEG, GIF.
Various tools vector editor will quickly create a project of any complexity.
Creating and positioning of text along any curve. Allows you to easily edit the position of text, control the distance between letters, words and sentences.
The library of vectors to store and search for common elements, symbols and logos.
Search tools and bug fixes imported vectors.
Create an array of copying, or rotation, inserting elements.
The tool allows interactive deformation of an arbitrary stretch of vector or text to give them effect, prospects or adjust as needed.
Sodanie 3D elements
The developed modeling tools allow you to create a 3D model using Raster or vector, to create complex profiles hood, smooth docking and ramps.
Retrieved from "interactive sculpture" can manually edit the model in ArtCAM. Smoothing, removing and adding material, blurring can get the effect of manual work.
The wizard allows you to work with textures decorate the model, using standard texture from the library of ArtCAM, or create your own from arbitrary raster images or photographs.
Wizard ralefa person can convert a digital photograph of the person (only in profile) in the 3D model. It is convenient to create a memorable and customized gifts.
Allows you to add nice texture to the project by importing bitmap images or photos or using the standard texture ArtCAM'a.
Interactive terrain deformation tool allows you to manipulate existing models. Can stretch / compress or bend relief along arbitrary curves. Lets also cut and paste small portions of the relief from any part of the model.
Import 3D models (STL, 3DS, 3D DXF) from other programs directly into ArtCAM.
Realistic visualization of models. Use all available colors, different arrangements of light sources to obtain photorealistic images.
Strategy machining
Fast and efficient 3D processing strategies, including rough sample and finishing.
Master Layout vectors will reduce the consumption of material when cutting. Effective layout of the set of vectors and / or text in a given domain, described by a vector, or on a sheet with the specified sizes.
3D Engraving strategy with automatic erasure corners and engraving on the midline.
2D profile processing with options to control the shape and position of the supply and removal tool. Automatic or user-defined order.
Realistic simulation process helps to visually assess the quality of processing and correct any errors prior to processing on the machine.
Editable database tool with a large number of finished tools.
Automatic division of the trajectories in the zone of a given size to handle a large project in parts or in the limited dimensions of the material.
Supports most popular desktop engraving-milling machine.
ArtCAM 2010

Year: 2010
Version: 2010
Developer: Delcam plc
Medician: Yes
ArtCAM 2010


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