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ILocalize 4.0

ILocalize 4.0
ILocalize 4.0
Mac OS X | 10 MB

iLocalize is a powerful and intuitive application designed to help developers localize their applications. iLocalize handles multiple languages in the same project, offers custom glossaries and has powerful features to help incremental localization. Simply stated: save a lot of time when localizing your application with iLocalize.

Key Features
Localize applications, bundles, frameworks and folders
Edit nib, xib, strings, plist, text, rtf and html files right into iLocalize
Use glossaries to speed up the translation process
Export and import strings to thirdparty software using standard formats such as TMX and XLIFF
Use the default set of filters or create your own filter to view various facets of the project
Discover many translation specific features such as onthefly quotes substitution or automatic translation propagation

Requirements: Mac OS 10.6 or newer, Xcode 3 or newer

New in Version 4.0

May 22, 2011
Revamped interface for more efficient workflow
Enhanced export/import of strings to various formats: XLIFF, TMX, TXML and .strings
Enhanced glossary to read and write more formats: XLIFF, TMX, TXML and .strings
Improved filters that can be fully customized using a predicate editor
Added support for creating project from regular folder
Enhanced search capability inside a project
Enhanced performance on multicore machines
Mac OS 10.6 or newer

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