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Acorn 3.0.2

Acorn 3.0.2
Acorn 3.0.2
Mac OS X | 16 MB

Everyone needs to edit images at some point, but not everyone has the time to learn super pricey wizbang image editing programs. This is why we created Acorn. Add text and shapes to your digital pictures. Combine images together to create your own. Work with layers to touch up your favorites or make something new from scratch. Do all this and more with Acorn.

Straightforward, convenient, and easy.
All of the tools condense into one easy to use palette to keep your screen uncluttered and inviting. Easily move the palette around if it gets in your way, or press the tab key to make it hide.

Use layers and blending modes to make the most of photo editing by allowing easy placement of text and other objects without destroying the picture underneath. Layers allow you to try things out, and change your mind later on.

Tutorials and Documentation
Acorn comes with online documentation and tutorials, so you dont have to learn by yourself.

Acorns text tools give you control over text while maintaining an easy to use interface you expect from Acorn. Everything from bold and italic to kern and ligature. Theres even spell check, because we need it.
Since Acorns text tools build on top of Mac OS Xs, you get full unicode support, and rich text formatting.

Acorn features brushes that let you draw, scribble, and sketch right on your image. Use a trackpad, mouse, or even a tablet. Acorn has everything you need for making pretty doodles, and even has nifty math to keep those lines looking smooth.
The Brush Designer in Acorn will help you make custom brushes, and will even redraw your test lines in realtime watch your brush strokes change as you change settings such as flow and size.

Layer Masks
Use layer masks in your image to block out unwanted areas of your image or to expose layers below.

Acorn has all of the filters youre looking for, and even includes a great interface to chain filters together to get unique effects. Perform the same filter chain again by choosing Last Filter or save your filter as a preset for later use.

Vector Shapes
Vector shapes let you make squares, circles and lines, but keep the flexibility of changing things later on. Dont like the color of the border Swap it out. Do you want to make that rectangle have rounded corners after youve made it Dont worry about it, just click some buttons and it is done.
You can also scale vector shapes easily without having to stress about the shape getting pixelated or looking funny. Acorn makes adding shapes to your image a breeze.

Acorn makes it easy to create mockups and work with screenshots. As long as Acorn is open, press the CommandShift6 keys while in any application,and Acorn will make a screenshot of your whole screen.
Your image will be brought into Acorn immediately, ready for work. You can even turn on a preference to make every window in the screenshot its own layer. Use this in combination with the vector and text tools to create amazing mockups quickly.

Make different shaped selections, invert them, feather, even add a corner radius. Or, if youre looking to quickly select an entire color, try using the Magic Wand for some quick changes.
Selections can also limit the effects of filters and adjustments. If you have a picture that is a little dim in the corner, try selecting it, feathering the selection, and bumping up the colors using the Levels command under the image menu.

Web Export
Acorn supports many file formats, but when you need to get that image size smaller and still looking good for the web, take a look at Web Export.
Acorn provides an estimate for the export file size and lets you compare the compressed version to the original.

Acorn goes all the way up to 64. Bits that is. And along with running on your computers 64 bit Intel chip, Acorn utilizes your graphics processor unit (GPU) for additional graphics power where appropriate. Less waiting equals more time creating.

Requires Max OS X 10.6 or later.

New in Version 3.0.2:
Acorn had to change its Automator actions a bit. If you have an existingAutomator workflow make sure to open it up and double check that Acornsworkflow items are still there.
Fixed a hang where scaling down certain text would crash Acorn.
Fixed a bug where Acorn was not able to draw straight lines with the brushtool when you were using a stylus + shift clicking between points.
Fixed a bug where making a rectangle selection using two guides would addan extra pixel of width (or height) to the selection.
Fixed a bug where you couldnt start a new selection within another selectionwhen you had the selection mode set to addition (and you werent holdingthe shift key down).
Fixed a bug where the canvas resize sheet was setting the wrong initialvalues when inches were selected in the unit popup.
Fixed a problem with certain blend modes and shape layers.
Fixed a problem where bringing up the resize image sheet while you werecroping mode would cause bad things to happen.
Fixed a bug where painting wouldnt occur after turning on quick mask, drawing,undoing, and turning off the quickmask.
Fixed a crasher for certain PSD files created from Fireworks CS3.
Large PSD files will open a bit faster now.
New button to bring up layer styles in the bottom of the palette.
Removed the Make a new layer when drawing shapes preference because ithasnt worked for two major releases, and nobody noticed till yesterday.
Fixed a bug where dragging a filter box in the filter panel would sometimescause a ghost image to show up in the preview window.
Fixed a bug where the feather selection command wasnt always working correctly.
Fixed a bug where negative float values in the styles window were beingtruncated to whole values.
Fixed a bug where web exported WebP images were coming out with a red tintto them.
Layer styles are now scaled when you resize your image.
Added Add Layer Mask and Enable Layer Mask to the Layers menu item.
Fixed a bug with the offset filter.
The when bringing up the canvas resize sheet, the width field now has automaticfocus again.
Fixed a bug where scaling the image would sometimes add a corner radiusto rectangles.
Fixed a bug where some internal plugins werent loaded on case sensitivefile systems.
Fixed a bug where using a brush with opacity set to less than 100 wouldsometimes show white blocks in areas where you had previously made a selection.

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