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Avid Media Composer v6.0.1 [Multi] Incl Activator

Avid Media Composer v6.0.1 [Multi] Incl Activator

Avid Media Composer v6.0.1 - самый быстрый, самый универсальный инструмент для профессионального редактирования видео.

Professional editors and producers like you around the world have told us what you need to succeed. More efficient and easy-to-use video editing tools. An open platform that enables you to work with everything you want and integrate into any workflow. More power to eliminate bottlenecks, so you can work faster than ever. We listened. We took notes. We made it happen. Introducing Media Composer 6the fastest, most versatile tool for professional video editing.

Full 64-bit power
Fast gets even faster with native 64-bit operation, so even when you layer together the most complex effects, things will still feel snappy. Experience smoother playback, faster rendering performance, and better handling with large binsand say goodbye to the old memory limitations of the 32-bit operating systems.

Better performanceand 3Dwith Avid hardware
For the fastest capture/edit/monitor/output workflows, pair Media Composer with a Nitris DX or Mojo DX video interface and experience hardware-accelerated power thats second to none. You can now even customize Nitris DX with up to two Avid DNxHD or AVC-Intra chips to fully support stereoscopic 3D and HD RGB 4-4-4 workflows.

Open for business
Media Composer is now fully open thanks to Avid Open I/O, so you can work with your choice of Avid audio and video interfaces or third-party video interfaces, including those from AJA, Blackmagic Design, Bluefish444, Matrox, and MOTU. Manufacturers can simply create plug-ins using Avid Open I/O to have their hardware work with Media Composer, meaning youll have even more choices to come.

Sleek new look and Avid Marketplace
Modern, smart, and sexy. Media Composer has a whole new look, but its familiar editing workflow stays the same. Work faster through the tabbed interface (no more window clutter!). Customize window configurations with Workspaces. Browse the Avid Marketplace for stock footage, video and audio plug-ins, software and hardware options, training materials, and moreright from within the app. You can even access user guides and other documentation without having to scour our website.

Work with 3D
Edit stereoscopic 3D material as quickly and easily as you do with standard 2D footage, with a full set of new features and workflows. Capture, edit, and manage the complete 3D end-to-end workflow. Mix and match 2D and stereoscopic 3D clips on the same track. Plus, work with full frame and frame-compatible sources, full-fledged editing tools, video effects, and more.

Go hands-on with Artist Color
Accelerate your color correcting and grading with Artist Color. With its highly responsive feel, you can keep your eyes on the picture instead of the interface while you make adjustments. And since you can tweak multiple parameters at once, you dramatically gain more speed and efficiency to complete time-consuming tasks quickly.

Mix in surround sound
You want your audio to sound as spectacular as your video looks. Now you can record, edit, and mix studio-quality audio in up to 7.1 surroundright in Media Composer. Not only that, you can share mixes with Pro Tools editors (using AAF), and even record and monitor audio using a host of Avid audio interfaces.

Open to anything
You never know what kinds of media, projects, and people will arrive at your desk or doorstep. Thats why Media Composer offers an open workflow, so you can take on whatever challenge awaits. Work with practically any media format, including tape and film. Capture and monitor with your choice of Avid and third-party interfaces. Accelerate editing with Artist Series control surfaces. Integrate into any professional production pipeline. Sync projects with Pro Tools editors using Video Satellite. And take your offline online to Symphony or Avid DSwithout redoing work.

Work with any media
File-based media, analog and digital tape, stereoscopic 3D material, film bring it on. Media Composer offers a wide range of features, workflows, and options that enable you to work with everything, from old-school media to the latest camera technologies. Experience the fastest tapeless workflows in the industry. Capture footage directly from digital cameras. Or add an Avid or third-party video interface to capture from other analog or digital sources. Plus, with support for 4-4-4 HD-RGB color and DNxHD 444, you can work efficiently while preserving the full-quality color detail from beginning to end.

Take storytelling to the cutting edge
It doesnt matter how you learned to editMedia Composer goes where others leave off, enabling you to work faster and in ways youre most comfortable. In fact, its tools are ACE-certified. Trim clips and manipulate transitions on the fly using the Smart Tool (see the Smart Tool in action), or perform ultra-precise edits using traditional tools. Mix and match media formats, frame rates, resolutions, and more in the same timelinein real timewithout rendering (see Mix and Match in action). And edit HD material in real timein mastering picture qualityusing Avid DNxHD or DNxHD 444.

Design and dazzle with visual effects
Give your projects that professional polish using the bundled and built-in design and effects tools. Create eye-catching 2D and 3D composites, titles, animation, and effects with Avid FX (aka Boris RED), a powerful collection of creative tools designed by Boris FX. Add visual impact, drama, and depth with a host of built-in 2D and 3D effects, title tools, transitions, key and motion effects, and more. Add focus and fix issues with motion tracking and stabilization tools. And expand your visual palette with our third-party partners' effects, many of which can be purchased within Media Composer from the Avid Marketplace.

Color correct and grade with precision
Save time and maintain the highest quality production with the fully integrated 10-bit color correction toolset. Quickly and accurately match colors from shot to shot using NaturalMatch. Gain better color precision with support for full-quality 4-4-4 HD-RGB color space processing. Get fine control over shots with animatable color correction. Speed up your color work with Artist Color. And dive into the large palette of easy-to-use tools to refine settings or get creative.

Design and deliver
With Avid DVD and Sorenson Squeeze included, you can author DVDs and optimize media for the highest-quality playbackonline or on disc. Author professional DVDs and Blu-ray Discs using Avid DVD, which works with Windows-based systems (including emulation software on Macs). With Sorenson Squeeze, you can optimize content in a variety of formats (including HD, DVD, MPEG-2, MPEG-4/H.264, Flash, and 3GPP), author DVDs and Blu-ray Discs (on Windows), and burn discs on a PC or Mac.

Minimum requirements for Avid video editing software
Computer: Avid-qualified Windows-based computer or laptop2 (see details)
OS: Windows 7 Professional SP1 (64-bit) (Still need 32-bit? Learn more about Media Composer 5.5)
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.33 GHz processor or faster
Memory: 4 GB of RAM (6+ GB of RAM recommended for Windows 7 and Windows Vista)
Graphics Card: NVIDIA Quadro FX family3 (FX 560 or higher)
Internal Hard Drive: Minimum 80 GB 7200 rpm hard disk


Step 1: unpack tgz archive
Step 2: run the setup
Step 3: Apply Activator
Step 4: Enjoy and Support Developers, Buy It, They Deserved It!

Год: 2012
Язык: MULTi8 (EN, FR, DE, IT, ES, JA, ZH, KO)
Таблетка: присутствует

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