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PDF24 Creator (2013)


PDF24 Creator (2013)


PDF24 Creator — программа, которая позволяет легко создавать PDF-документы практически из любого графического изображения (формат PNG, JPEG, BMP, PCX, TIFF, PSD) с функцией их печати при помощи виртуального принтера. Кроме того PDF24 Creator предоставляет возможность просматривать созданные PDF-файлы, разделять и объединять документы, извлекать отдельные страницы, копировать страницы из одного документа в другой, добавлять информацию (автор, название и пр.), защищать создаваемые PDF документы от несанкционированного открытия, печати и т.д.


Информация о программе
Название программы: PDF24 Creator
Версия программы: 6.1.0
Язык интерфейса: Русский, Английский и другие

Системные требования:
• Windows® XP/Vista/Win 7/Win 8

Дополнительная информация:
Работает, как виртуальный принтер, пользуетесь ей, как обычным принтером, т.е. эта программа будет работать везде, где есть выход на печать. Вам нужно только нажать кнопку печати и выбрать PDF24 Creator в качестве виртуального принтера.

Особенности программы:
Конвертирование документов в PDF
Извлечение отдельных страниц из документов.
Добавление/изменение свойств документа (автор, название и пр.).
Объединение нескольких файлов PDF в один.
Наличие виртуального принтера.
Разделение PDF файлов.
Встроенные пресеты для контроля качества и размера PDF.
Несколько режимов просмотра и редактирования документов PDF.
Встроенный PDF просмотрщик.
Защита PDF при помощи пароля.
Возможность отправки PDF по электронной почте.

Изменение в версии 6.1.0:
Improvement: Skip button on Create PDF24 Account setup page
This button skips the create PDF24 account page to not create a PDF24 account.
Improvement: Default file name for the auto save feature
The default file name for the auto save feature is m-%d M-%S ${fileName}. This is a time stamp and the name of the file, if the name is available.
Improvement: PDF24 Tray menu can be opened with left mouse button
You could only use the right mouse button to open the PDF24 tray menu, but the left mouse button is also good for opening the tray menu and so we added the additional handler for the left mouse button.
Improvement: Settings module optimized
Changes in settings now better takes effect in running modules so that no application restart is necessary for a lot of changes. For instance now you can change the auto save feature without to restart the pdf24.exe backend module.
Improvement: Layout orientation (horizontal/vertical) is now saved in profile
Now the setting is in profile so that a application restarts don't change the layout.
Improvement: File extension handling via printer interface is now more intelligent
Known file extension are removed from the name which was determined from the printer interface. This is mostly OK and now you don't have the original extension in the name.
Improvement: Updated translation files
The language files Czech, Finnish, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, PortugueseBrazilian, Swedish where updated. Here is thank you to the translators who sends us updates.
Feature: Send To entry for the PDF24 Creator
The setup adds a Send To entry for the PDF24 Creator. Now you can easily send files to the Creator which then will be converted to PDF.
BugFix: Reworking of digital paper feature
Integration of digital paper into the document was erroneous if the PDF files was of a newer standard (1.5 and above). We have solved that issue in this version.
BugFix: Extra page when adding watermarks
An extra page was added to the document when the watermark feature was used. This bug is solved.
Improvement: Renaming of PDF24 Editor to PDF24 Creator
The PDF24 Creator itself is consisted of the PDF printer and a tool called PDF24 Editor, which can be used to compose/edit files page-based. Users also expected that they can also use this tool to edit the content of PDF pages, but that is not possible. The tool can do something with whole pages but the content of pages can not be manipulated. That the reason for the renaming and we think the name Creator better reflects the possibilities with that tool.
Improvement: Ghostscript 9.10 is now used
This version now uses the latest Ghostscript 9.10.
Feature: Screen Capture to clipboard
A lot of users desired the Screen Capture to clipboard functionality as option besides the Screen Capture to PDF feature. The new feature is now part of the software and is accessible through the PDF24 tray icon. A new menu group was added to the tray icon which contains the new tools.
Improvement: Changed a license part for the good of the user
There was a license part which stated that some parts of the software will be disabled after 6 month usage without update. This parts is now no longer part of the license terms. Nothing is disabled after 6 month usage. Now, the user will only see an update information if an update is available and recommended for installation.
Feature: Default save folder = source folder of loaded file
This little change eases the usage of the PDF24 creator because the folder of the loaded file is often used to save the new file after doing some modifications.
Improvement: Issue with the warning "Target could not be found" solved
The warning was shown in the PDF24 Creator if a shortcut could not be resolved. Now this warning will not be shown if the PDF24 Creator opens.
BugFix: Fixed the page from .. to feature when saving files
The page from ... to fields where sometimes not recognized. This version overworked the corresponding parts to solve that problem.
Improvement: Fixed some GUI issues
Some GUI elements where not displayed correctly especially when the default DPI settings was changed. Some GUI parts of the application scaled in a wrong manner so that is was not possible to work with that parts. We have optimized the parts so that the program can also be used on screens with higher DPI values.
Improvement: Cut Save as Dialog on screen with resolution 1280 x 1024
We have overworked the GUI of the Save As dialog so that the screen 1280 x 1024 should no longer be a problem.
Feature: New output filter TEXT added
The new filter can save as TEXT, currently in the encodings UTF8 and UCS2.
Improvement: Restructuring of the settings
We have added some new options to the settings which could not be integrated into the old structure. Therefore we have changed a little here.
Feature: Open PDF file after storing it
There is now also the feature to automatically open a saved PDF files. This eases the work flow PDF printer -> Assistent -> Save -> Open
Improvement: Extended language files
We have extended all language file and made them up to date so that all files have all keys. Some files are currently not fully translated. This will be done by translators and we will add the missing parts as soon as we get it.
Feature: Command line changes of the pdf24-docTool.exe
The tool now supports multiple files at once.
BugFix: Resetting the default printer
Resetting the default printer was not executed in some parts so that the PDF24 printer was left the default one. We have fixed the known areas.
Feature: Auto-Save feature added
Files can now be saved automatically without GUI interaction. The feature can be controlled by the settings. You can define the folder where to save, a file name pattern and a profile which shall be applied when saving. If that feature is enabled and if you print on the PDF printer then the printed document will be saved automatically into the defined folder. You can also define whether the folder should be opened after the file was saved.
Improvement: Optimized the print feature
The PDF24 Creator has a print feature by which the current selection can be printed. Sometimes the print quality was bad especially when printed high resolution documents. We have improved that part so that the quality is better and can also be better controlled by the DPI setting in the printer property pages.
Improvement: Umlauts and other characters are now usable when saving to PDF
Older releases had some issues with umlauts and other characters outside the ASCII range. Issues where related to the following subsections of the PDF output filter: Watermark text, PDF meta data such as title, author and keywords, PDF/X and PDF/A settings and PDF passwords.

О файле:
Лечение: не требуется
Размер: 15.44 Mb

PDF24 Creator (2013)PDF24 Creator (2013)PDF24 Creator (2013)

Скачать: "PDF24 Creator 6.1.0 (2013)"

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